Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lisa Stickley at Debenhams

UK department store Debenhams have added the very ace Lisa Stickley to the group of young British designers who they commission to produce a range of homewares for their stores. The Lisa Stickley collection is gorgeous - read about it here and here. I wish Australian department stores would take a lead from the UK and start commissioning collections from local designers, can you imagine the possibilities?

Lisa's lovely vintage home was featured in Notebook magazine a few months ago, did you see it?


Danielle McDonald said...

That's so true! There's so much potential in Australia for some "designer" collections from some of our talented artists.

Kylie said...

I live in England and despair that there arent many independent stores left, certainly in big cities!

So the designers being featured in big stores is some compensation, but there still aren't the opportunties for up and coming young designers that there should be.

I'm going to Debenhams and getting one of her breadbins!!! Thanks for the heads up!

le@thirdontheright said...

so lovely ... yes I wish Catherine Martin or someone would do a range for Target the way some of the designers in the US have ... dream on :) le

Leah Grace said...

Her designs are too cute!

AnastasiaC said...

I saw her home in Real Living a while back and totally fell in love with her style - exciting that she now has a range in a UK high stree chain! great!