Saturday, 18 December 2010

In the press

The last issue of Peppermint magazine had a whole feature on their favourite places to visit in Daylesford - shops, farm gates, spas, markets, caf├ęs. Thanks for the lovely mention of Lark, girls!

Our shop also scored a great write-up in red magazine - I love the photos they took, the photographer was ace and by complete chance we worked out that we used to work in the same building in Cambridge years ago!


Posie Patchwork said...

Congratulations. DO you mean last or latest issue?? Such a lovely magazine, love Posie

Lark said...

Thanks Jen, it's the last issue as a new one has just come out this week! x

Jenna Templeton said...

Congrats! I'm going to go out and buy them both as I love hearing and seeing pictures about your wonderful shop :) Is it the latest issue of RED? Hopefuly my newsagent still as copies of Peppermint the newer copy came out this week.

Merry Christmas Allison :)