Monday, 10 January 2011

How does your garden grow?

Lyndsay White, Sydney designer extraordinaire (and lovely lady), has designed these ace garden stakes, made from perspex and finished with chalkboard. We were thrilled to receive a big box of them in the Lark shop today - no more forgetting what we've planted, yay!

They come in four designs- apples, pears, love hearts and flowers.

Have you visited Lyndsay's store, Candy Stripe Cloud? It is FILLED with super-cuteness, from tiny kewpies, to colourful mini bambi deers and sweet stationery, alongside Lyndsay's own designs. Hurrah!

And talking of gardening, we have recently been working with Mat and Fabian of the little Veggie Patch in Melbourne to bring you their amazing heirloom tomato seeds. Check out the gorgeous vintage packaging!! Now there's no excuse not to get out and plant some goodies for Spring and Summer crops!

You can find both of these ranges in our New At Lark shop. Happy gardening!


REread said...

cool ... i just love those big fat juicy old tomatoes ... so cool they are becoming 'fashionable' (as fashionable as a fruit/vegetable can be)

daisy said...

oooh i love all these. the seed packet illustrations are really divine. hooray for cool gardening stuff!

Kim H said...

Oh so cute! I'm becoming a little obsessed with vegie garden stakes. These ones may just need to become my newest addition;)

aline said...

what an exciting experience!/hilarious! Delightful! True!
Kitchen Garden

victor fox said...

Hi Allison,
I I just love your blog/ shop and lark store. I am from Geelong and actually getting married in Daylesford at the Convent this october-yey. I have never been to your shop, and last time I was in Daylesford, I tried to track you down, but forgot where your shop was!!!
I am hopefully poping down to daylesford this weekend or next and cannot wait to see your store.
Keep up the great work

monkeemoomoo said...

What cute little seed packets! I love them:)