Friday, 17 June 2011

Lark House Update

The Lark House has been up and running for nearly two months now - thanks so much for all the lovely feedback and shoutouts! It's so great to have the support of lovely people out there when you are starting a new venture, and I feel lucky to have both an amazing group of local friends and so many friends from the interweb too.

A special thank you to Diane, who wrote a post about the house on her pretty blog 'Notes to a Further Excuse'.

And also Rachael (oh my, just look at her little girl's Enid Blyton cake!!).

Beci Orpin was one of the first guests at the Lark House, along with her family. I was a little anxious, as Beci has notoriously ace taste, but I needn't have worried as she gave it a thumbs up - you can read about Beci's stay on her blog, where the above photos also came from. Thanks Beci!

We are currently busy tidying up the garden and doing some little repairs on the house. Some not-so-nice guests slashed the heck out of our wooden kitchen bench with a bread knife (thanks guys!), but I am pleased to say that most guests have been ever so sweet and have looked after the house for us, which was a big worry for me as it is still our home at the end of the day.

Bookings are pretty much full for June and July, there is just one spot left for the school holidays - from 3-8 July. If you are interested please book here!


alexanderbeetle said...

Wasn't sure how to private message you, but I wanted to find out if you would consider hiring the house and garden out for a small wedding?

Lark said...

Thanks Laura - we have had requests to use the house as a wedding venue. Please email me for more details: allison {at} larkmade {dot} com {dot} au Thanks!

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Thank you to you! I am hoping to get up there one day - perfect!
Rachael xx

Jayne said...

You have fabulous taste Allison- I reckon the Lark House will be extremely popular :)

ally said...

It looks beautiful - I would love to come and stay - in fact its on the wish list
I love the mugs in the picture under the typewrite (LHS) - my grandmother had the same set (tragically lost) - do you know the name of them?